• Violet Vitality Soy Wax Melts


    Gift wrapping is always free, and you have a choice between a giftbox, an organza bag, or no gift wrap.

    Made from the same recipes as our candles, but for your wax warmer! All of our wax melts come in a package of 3. You can mix and match them with other scents to for a beautiful aroma and display in your warmer! Spread them around your home for scent throughout! Very long burn time, even after turning the warmer on and off several times. Please allow the warmer to heat for 2 hours at first warming.
    Violet and Clary Sage
    Topped with dried violets, and sage I grew in my garden last summer. 😊
    This combination is great for releasing, understanding, receiving and recognizing that we are protected.
    The newest scent has a gorgeous look and a name that describes the way it makes you feel perfectly!!πŸ’
    Spring in wax warmer is what I would say!
    Cleanse, release, and receive with this beautiful addition to the dharmacare family.
    100% Organic Soy Wax melts with 100% essential oils. No color. Adorned with nature's botanicals.
    Also, please take a moment to read the page on this website entitled 'Soy Wax Candle Care'. There is some very important information there about soy wax candles that you should know before you make your first purchase. We think you will fall in love with our soy wax candles. :-)