Big Hearts in YYC - Men's Euro T-shirt


We love YYC, and we love Handmade! Our new giftbox label grabbed a lot of attention, in what it depicts which is:

~The hearts of YYC business owners... all with big hearts sharing community with each other!

~The community of sharing space here on, a community that is growing every day full of like minded, hard working business owners. People who have great things to offer you, right here in YYC.

Each and every gift box is filled to overflowing with YYC handmade goods, services, and YYC talent! Supporting Local has never been easier, and it's all here in one spot. I'm always scouting for up and coming businesses who need to get their name out there. So if I haven't heard from you  yet, please reach out.

The labels and their meaning have really caught on, that's why we have teamed up with Addiktion Apparel and Promotions ( a YYC family run biz) to bring you this very special offering, and to help two really amazing YYC causes.

For every t-shirt purchased, dharmacare and Addiktion Apparel will team together to donate $4 to the following causes which are very dear to my heart:

The Calgary Women's Shelter

Women on Wings Society

Domestic violence touches the lives of many people in our city and every city, town, and village on earth. It has no preference of demographics, status, geography or ethnicity. There is a certain category of women who live in very "high functioning", yet secretly abusive relationships. Should these women choose to leave their situation, it can leave them in a very vulnerable state for many years to come. Suffering in silence not due to pride, but fear, and also not really falling on the side of poverty or wealth. Some of these women may have to seek shelter at the Calgary Women's Shelter. Which is why I chose to donate to this worthy cause. Some... just need a "leg up, not a hand out" as Maj Osman the founder of Women on Wings Society likes to say. W.O.W. helps women on the border of poverty by giving them a hand in their time of need... by maybe supplying a food certificate or helping them to get home repairs done.

I was one of these ladies that Maj's group helps. I was lucky that I never did have to go to the Women's shelter, I always had a good, professional job. I ran my own spa for a while. However, raising two boys as a single Mom definitely had it's challenges. I would have been so grateful for the help of a group like Women on Wings.

When I told Dana at Addiktion Apparel what I was doing, she said she wanted to be involved. So she is matching my original donation of $1 for each of these causes so that we will be donating $2 towards each cause for every tshirt sold. Dana is the perfect example of the YYC business owner I am talking about. Full of heart, in a big way! I am so grateful to Dana for her help. When an order is placed through this website, I will send the order to Dana.. who will make your shirt, let me know it's ready and I will go pick it up. I will giftbox it for you with the amazing label, and you will receive it the same day I pick it up. This way there are also two businesses tracking the direction of the donation funds too!

Calgary really is full of great people! Another YYC business Chantel from Cure Cards also came through bigtime when I told her about the initiative also. Chantel produces cards that have positive affirmations on them, and her story is really quite remarkable. Chantel has now also offered to donate 10% from all of the sales of her "Power of the Pack" deck to these two local and very necessary causes! Please visit her website at: !! Thank you Chantel, your generosity is beyond appreciated!!

Not only do you help to celebrate local by wearing our awesome Handmade with Love in YYC logo, you also get to help out two great causes at once!

This t-shirt is the Eurospun style, it is a little bit of an upgrade and boasts nice softness to the cotton. Specs and sizing chart below.

Please allow 7 days for delivery. Thank you in advance for helping these incredibly worthy causes! Namaste