• Yoga Mat Sprays - Assorted Scents


    One of the best parts of finishing... or starting your yoga practice is spraying your mat down and wiping it clean....stepping on or off your mat, it's good to know it's fresh.

    Our yoga mat sprays have been designed to compliment our candle scents, using the same or similar essential oils. We have chosen to incorporate the use of Lemongrass and Tea Tree hydrosols, both for their known cleansing abilities. Our sprays are pure and simple, smell amazing, and they keep your yoga mat clean and fresh!

    Clean & Centered: ~Relaxed, centered & feeling cleansed, time for some self-love...Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of Lavender essential oil with this spray.

    Compliments well with our Lavender Love and Jasmine Serenity Soy Wax Candle :-)

    Garden Refresher: ~Refreshed and unstressed... time to go with the flow!...Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of Sandalwood,Ylang ylang,  Vanilla, Jasmine, Rose, & Lavender essential oil with this spray

    Compliments well with our Zen Garden Soy Wax Candle :-)

    Mountain Cleanse: ~A little respite to the mountains after savansana is good for the soul....Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of Pine, Juniper, Cyress, and Cedar essential oil with this spray

    Compliments well with our Mountain Retreat Soy Wax Candle :-)

    Amber Afterglow: ~That glow the sun salutation brings as you greet the day with yoga and meditation...Enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cypress, Patchouli, and Vetiver essential oil with this spray

    Compliments well with our Amber Meditation Soy Wax Candle :-)