• Botanical Soaps by dharmacare


    These coconut oil hand and body soaps are created using an organic melt and pour soap base, which I procure from one of my trusted Canadian suppliers. I admit, I have made soap from scratch and it is not one of my favorite things to do.... due to the lye and all. Also, I am not a patient person, so waiting for it to cure was unbearable. ;-)

    I did learn a thing or two through that process though, and one was ingredients. Also how to scent with essential oils, and suspend or float botanicals. When I started looking for a soap base, I had a really hard time finding one without propylene glycol. But alas, I did find one... and not only that but I found one with coconut oil. And it is clear/slightly cloudy and takes on the botanicals perfectly. There is also the presence of  mold inhibitors in the base. And yes, these are important to have in an organic vegetable based soap. To me, I want to know that there is no way that I am selling you something that could go wrong... so I hope you are ok with these inhibitors being present. I add a lot of organic, edible botanicals that  have nothing to protect them from going off. Truly something to consider when using natural products. Especially soap that sits wet and may be handled by several different people. There should always be something to serve this purpose, as we have learned in 2020.. dreams can spread very fast this way. 

    Having said that, the soaps are so absolutely gorgeous, and they turned out perfectly. They are available in every one of my 7 scents that are consistent throughout the Home Spa line.

    Use the botanical side as a gentle exfoliator, or the smooth side as a sudsy soap.

    They suds up beautifully too... and look so pretty on your sink or in one of the luxedazzle soap dishes I have featured here.

    They are average size, 100 grams