• 2oz. Soy Wax Candle Collection - Assorted Scents


    All natural soy wax candles scented with 100% essential oils and decorated with botanicals... in blue jar with black lid or clear jar with white metal lid. Please specify choice of jar when ordering.  

    Amber Meditation: Perhaps a quick trip to Morocco... shhhh this may be my personal favorite next to Juniper Rose! The warm amber notes take you away while you meditate, do yoga, or just want a quick trip to Morocco! It's all in the feels of an exotic destination, go there often! Sandalwood: calming, relaxing, Vanilla: antidepressant properties, Cypress: uplifting properties, Patchouli: eases stress and anxiety.

    Zen Garden: Escape to a Far East Garden with scent of sandalwood, ylang ylang, vanilla, jasmine, rose, and lavender essential oils. No matter if there is snow outside your window or you live in a concrete jungle... Zen is just a candle away. :-) Finished with dried jasmine, rose and lavender petals. It's worth a little research to learn about the believed benefits of these botanical additions. Sandalwood: calming, relaxing, Ylang ylang: calms anxiety, Vanilla: uplifting properties, Jasmine: invokes serenity, Rose: Calms stress, Lavender: induces sleep, relaxation.

    Mountain Retreat: The mountains are calling.... this one seriously smells like camping in our beautiful Rocky Mountains. Close your eyes and let this candle transport you there, no matter what the stress of the day is trying to say. :-) You've got this! Pine: takes you to the mountains, Juniper: takes you to the mountains, Cypress: uplifting and takes you to the mountains, Cedar takes you to the mountains.

    Jasmine Serenity: Finished with dried jasmine blooms, with drops of myrrh and frankincense. It's worth a little research to learn about the believed benefits of these two additions. That centered place you go... yeah that's Jasmine! I don't know about you... but Jasmine blooms are one of my favorite things that makes the world right. So sweet and simple. When you are in need of respite, try this candle. It will help to calm and center you... and all will be well. :-) This one is so pretty, I love that there is room for 3 whole Jasmine buds on either side of the wood wick. It's the little things! :-) Jasmine: invokes serenity, Vanilla: antidepressant properties, Vetiver: Anti-trauma, calms anxiety

    Note: these are suggested aromatherapy benefits only, and do not replace medical advice

    Also, please take a moment to read the page on this website entitled 'Soy Wax Candle Care'. There is some very important information there about soy wax candles that you should know before you make your first purchase.