I wanted to take a moment to talk about candle care. Soy wax candles and candles with wooden wicks are a little different than your traditional candles. I include information with every candle sale, but it's so important, I wanted to give it it's own page. I have returned to candle making after making them all through my childhood and well into my teens... but they were different candles back then. These candles have stolen my heart, and given me so much joy. Namaste

~At first burn, allow the wax to melt and fully pool to the edge of the jar. In future, this will ensure maximum scent throw and will prevent tunneling of your candle... which can potentially ruin an otherwise perfectly good candle. I encourage you to sit with your candle burning for the max. 2 hrs at first burn.

~Pure essential oils release their scents when they are heated and throw the scent much better when the candle is set to burn for an extended sitting. The longer the candle burns, the more intense the scent becomes. A 10 min. burn may give off a faint scent... but leaving the candle to burn for the maximum 2 hours will allow the essential oils to release their scents more fully. These are also smart candles. By burning for the full 2 hours at first burn... the candle develops wax memory... so it will literally remember not only the pattern to burn but how much scent to release.  Soy candles can hold up to a 20% load of essential oils (anything more could be potentially unsafe when the candle is lit), but the scent you do receive is 100% pure, plant-based, and comes straight from nature.

~If a candle is scented with Chai Latte, or Pumpkin Spice... consider whether that candle is scented with 100% essential oils. Essential oils provide true, authentic aromatherapy benefits. Not that fragrance oils are wrong, but they are not delivering plant - based aromatherapy. Purely a choice. :-) 

~Wick will behave much better when it's kept trimmed to 1/4". Never burn for more than 2 hours to prevent high flame and also the jar from becoming too hot. Trim the wick with your fingers by simply and gently breaking off the burnt parts (of course when wick has cooled) and discard. Do this before each lighting. If the flame becomes too high during burning, extinguish the candle... allow it to cool, trim the wick, and relight. 

~Glass jars become very hot, and although the ones we use are tested to withstand extreme heat, the wax turns into liquid. Never move a candle until it has cooled completely. It is extremely important to make sure the candles are placed on a fireproof surface prior to lighting. Discard the candle and wick portion when the candle has burned down to 1/2" remaining.

~You can easily clean and reuse the jar by pouring boiling water into the jar, let stand for 2 - 3 hours (you may have to do this more than one time depending on how much wax is left on the bottom of the jar), and the wax will lift to the top, allowing for easy access to the wick, metal base, and the adhesive used to attach the base to the jar. Simply remove the label and wash the jar, and you can use it for many purposes! Tip: the labels will remove much easier if you don't rip them off first. Just place them in soapy water for 30 minutes, and the labels will come off very easily.

~Never burn candles within reach of children or pets. Never leave candles unattended while burning. These candles in particular have botanicals used as decoration and must be watched very closely when lit. But then... you will want to watch them anyway because they are just so darn beautiful! :-)

~Keep away from materials that can catch fire, ie. curtains, hair, or clothing. Never drop objects of any sort into a hot candle.

~Allow candle to completely cool before replacing lid.

I promise these candles will bring you hours upon hours of joy, and take you on journeys you have never imagined. 

I hope you enjoy!