Dharmacare - Introductory Pricing Menu

We are Opening our first dharmacare Spa!

Located in:

Impression Hair & Esthetics

#104, 3101 – 29th Street

Vernon, BC (778) 475-5648

“In the old train station” – please book appointments through the salon


~Organic Facials – (Featuring dharmacare all natural skincare products)

            Exfoliating Facials with aromatherapy steam…$75.00

            Exfoliating Facial with botanical steam (go home with bottle of organic botanical face wash tea)…$90.00

~Reiki – 1 Hour Session plus time for you to relax following (total apprx. 1.5 Hours)…$80.00

~Hot Stone Therapy – 1 Hour Session utilizing hot basalt stones with chakra balancing…$85.00

                                      30 min. Session (back only)…$60.00

~Raindrop Therapy – Add Raindrop therapy to your Hot Stone Therapy for intensity…$30.00

~Reflexology – 1 – 1.5 Hour depending on course of session…$75.00

~Swedish Relaxation Massage – 1 Hour of pure relaxation…$75.00

~Pedicure – Apprx. 1 hour, includes cuticle work, filing, hot towels, massage and polish… $65.00

~Spa Pedicure -  Apprx. 1.5 hours, Your choice of clay masque or paraffin wax accompanies full scrub of feet and legs with                                cuticle work, filing, hot towels, massage and polish…$80.00

~Eyebrow/Eyelash Tinting – Apprx. 30 mins., Vegetable based dyes are used for depth and richness for your brows and/or                                                 lashes…

                                                    Brow tint…$18.00

                                                    Lash tint….$22.00

                                                    Lash/Brow tint combo….$32.00

                                                    Brow tint with wax and shaping…. $30.00

                                                    Brow, wax, tint and lash tint…$52.00

~Waxing – Session times vary according to service.  Treat yourself to a gentle waxing service for soft, smooth skin…all                            waxing services are finished with either pure aloe vera gel, or our own dharmacare body lotion is used for larger                    areas: ie. legs                           

                    Upper Lip or Chin…$13.50

                    Upper Lip/Chin combo….$25.00

                    Brow/Lip/Chin combo…$37.00

                    Brow Wax and Shape….$18.00



                    Half Arm…$27.00 Full Arm…$35.00

                    Half Leg…$42.00 Full Leg…$58.00

                    Back or Chest…$60.00+ depending on thickness of hair (Please trim hair prior to appt. to ½ inch)

                    Bikini basic… $35.00 Bikini extra…$40.00 (Note: we do not perform Brazilian wax treatments)             

Products – Available 24/7 and Handmade in Calgary, AB:


~dharmacare all-natural skincare (using only 100% essential oils and licensed by Health Canada)

~dharmacare all-natural soy wax candles and wax melts (scented with 100% essential oils & topped with decorative botanicals –

                         with wooden wicks

~dharmacare all-natural botanical soaps – made with coconut oil and free from propylene glycol

~dharmacare all-natural facial steam teas – containing botanicals, Himalayan and Dead Sea salts


Please Call Eileen at (403) 862-1006 for any further information, or if you would like to discuss any of these products and their benefits