About Us


While previously owning and operating an esthetic/wellness spa, I created a line of products which have carried on since the closing of the spa in 2010. I have focused on creating the best possible high end natural product that delivers visible results. Many years of research has produced the vision I conceived in 2002. The products have become dharmacare. 

dharmacare is a line of all natural, plant based skin care products made only with the finest natural ingredients and essential oils. I am not able to use any chemicals on my own skin, which is my reason for creating this incredible line of products. I have several certifications in esthetics and wellness, and had a team of professionals working with me while running the spa, including a clinical master herbalist. I have brought much of that knowledge with me to dharmacare.



November 2012 would be a life changing moment for me the day I started working for a company where Eileen Soby was also an employee. Within a short time we became friends.  I noticed very quickly that some of the staff were purchasing her skin care from her. They all seemed to be extremely in love with it. Then I tried it... and this is when my world changed forever.  My skin never felt so good!  
Eileen has such passion and devotion to her creations. She spends most of her waking moments thinking and breathing this world of skincare she literally lives in.  I was extremely impressed with the “all natural” aspect of her formulations which also include high end essential oils…this is practically unheard of.  Eileen is truly gifted and I felt from the start she had something extremely magical and special!   
From early on, Eileen also expressed her desire to share her product with the world. In my opinion, nothing could ever compare to her skincare and body care products, and I wanted to be on her team... Try it and see for yourself!