I am a born and bred Calgarian and just want to give back to our beloved city in a way that can help and inspire others. dharmacare has been quietly producing our products for 18 years. Formulated by a certified esthetician out of the need for an all natural skincare line free of chemicals, back in the years before the knowledge and investigation of just how harmful chemicals are for our bodies. I myself suffered from breakouts due to the chemicals in professional products, and being in the business of esthetics, set out to correct that problem. We have now had many years to perfect our craft and in 2016 we brought our products to the greater collective under the name of dharmacare. dharmacare: caring for your essence 


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dharmacare products are formulated using only the finest high end, natural and organic plant based ingredients. Each one has a specific purpose for being included in our remarkable products. The really amazing thing is that we have managed to accomplish this while still keeping the products affordable! Why wait to attempt to recreate your skin's youthful beauty in your "age-defying" years? You could start now by infusing your skin's own mechanisms to ensure you retain that youthful glow well into your skin's mature years… Or, if you are already there, dharmacare can help with that too! 
The great thing is, there is no confusing regime.
 4 simple steps including:
~Dual purpose scrub
~Eye Cream
~Facial Moisturizer
Extracts of Green Tea, Calendula and Elder flowers add amazing health benefits to your skin. A combination of carrier oils, including Rice Bran, Argan and Apricot Kernel oils contribute nutritious benefits; smoothing fine lines and helping to retain that youthful glow... or bring it back if it's been lost over time due to sun exposure, air pollution, and several other factors which rob our skin of its precious moisture. Essential oils of Rose, Neroli and Helichrysum are used in very high concentrations helping to regenerate skin cells and contribute to collagen production. Shea and Mango butters are beneficial for supreme moisturization.
Out of concern for our environment, biodegradable Jojoba Beads are used in our facial scrub. 
Our containers are now 100% refillable! Just clean and save your container, then use code "refill15" for 15% off your subsequent orders. Your product will be delivered in a sealed bag, ready for you to clip the corner and pour into your refillable container! We care about the earth, and are doing our part to help it live for a long time to come. Our facial scrub comes with it's own little spatula, again allowing for a "no direct hand contact" application.
Our products are simply different! And by that we mean the best you will have ever tried…AND they have been proven to work. Try them to see for yourself! 
dharmacare: caring for your essence...naturally!