About dharmacare.ca

dharmacare: self-nurture

Hello and welcome to a special space. A space where if you have not already, you will find calm in the inherent essence of your being.

dharma is best defined as your "essence", your "reason for being", the "who you are -- at a subconscious level". Your inherent nature.

Once you find that, you also discover that it must be nurtured, cared for.... at a level beyond just the physical or material world. There is that inner light... which is what we do here at dharmacare.ca. We help you, help that little light shine just a little brighter.

I am by nature, a giver... a nurturer, a healer. I am certified in several modalities in self-care, and once owned a small spa and wellness center. I offered infrared sauna, ionic footbaths, and I myself am certified in the following: Facials, Mani/Pedis, Waxing, Eyebrow/lash tinting, perming, and lash extensions. Also Hot Stone massage, reiki level 2, Reflexology, Ear Candling (no longer a thing), and Raindrop Therapy. 

After becoming an esthetician (2000), I discovered that I was highly sensitive to chemicals in my skincare. I was trying to sell products that I could not use. So I sought out to make my own products... naturally and without chemicals. For years I wrote on containers with a sharpie pen... haha. But now things have changed and I feel like the world is maybe ready for who I was and what I tried to do. Don't get me wrong, I closed my spa in 2010, but the products and my dharma never left me. That's how you know it's your dharma. :-)

My experience with the word dharma comes from a very special volunteer trip to India, where I learned what the word dharma means. It's not really best described by categorizing it as a word. 

On the trip, I had pledged 25% of my profits from my then unnamed skincare line, to the charity I was travelling with. My job had presented the opportunity to help build a school and empower women and children.... and when I came back I named my product  line dharmacare. 

Some difficult years followed that time in 2015, and I went through a constant state of grief losing 3 siblings in 3 years. I had lost one previously in 2011 also... and so my skincare and really most things in my life had to take a pause. Grief takes time, and even though I will never be "over" these losses, I know more than ever I have to move on with my dharma.

My dharma? To help you find yours... through my self-care products you offer yourself a gift each time you open a jar.... whether that be a scrub, lotion.... or even a candle jar. I have learned through personal experience that we need to love ourselves for so many reasons. And.... we need to love who we are and why we are here. 

My vision is to provide you with the tools, at an affordable price, to embark on the journey of self care. For it is in that journey that I found that I matter. I have a place here... and so do you. 

My dream is to help you find your dharma.

that's why. ;-)

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namaste all, be well