About dharmacare.ca

dharmacare: self-nurture

Hello and welcome to a special space. A space where if you have not already, you will find calm in the inherent essence of your being.

dharma is best defined as your "essence", your "reason for being", the "who you are -- at a subconscious level". Your inherent nature.

Once you find that, you also discover that it must be nurtured, cared for.... at a level beyond just the physical or material world. There is that inner light... which is what we do here at dharmacare.ca. We help you, help that little light shine just a little brighter.

We offer a collective. A collective of dedicated local practitioners, product makers and service providers who have one thing in common, they are living in Calgary and living their "dharma". Their dharma is to help you find and or care for yours. It's what they make, it's natural skincare :-), it's wheatgrass and baking, it's massage oils and ready made meals. It's what they do, it's reiki, or yoga, or reflexology,  or massage, or helping you write a resume, or coaching you through a difficult time or making you dazzle with a new hair look. My personal dharma is natural skincare, 100% natural soy wax candles (decorated with nature), and 100% natural yoga mat sprays. I like to think of my dharma as helping you care for yours. I formulate, make, and then deliver self-care. :-)

 Please don’t think what you do as a small business owner is not providing self-care. The service that you bring is your dharma. And someone needs what you do… so for them I think that is self-care… don’t you? 😉 

... the collective is here. The time is now.

        What are you waiting for? We are waiting for you. :-)

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namaste all, be well